Service & Repair

We do service, repair and installation of the Storage Heaters: Dimplex, Creda, Unidare

Dublin Call Out Fee 80€

More than 95% of repairs are done on the day…

  1. Has one/all your heaters stopped working?
  2. Have you noticed that the wall behind the heater became black?
  3. Your storage heater comes on but only at a luke warm temperature?

If the answer is YES, your storage heater needs REPAIR.

There are 3 main problems with all storage heaters:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Heating elements
  3. Time clock

All these problems can be fixed by our qualified electrician on the spot and do not require big investments.

A typical lifespan of a storage heater (if used correctly) is 12-15 years.

However, the thermostat is intended to serve about 5-8 years (again, under normal conditions of use).

Think of Replacement!


  1. In case you need more control over your heater
  2. Have trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature
  3. Uncertain or fed up using input/output settings
  4. Your electricity bills are always high


If the answer to the above questions is YES, your heater may still be working but you are not satisfied; the heater is older than 12 years and looks like a thing from the past – there is an opportunity to Replace It.

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